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My Mind's Chorus

While I was born in a home of no kind of visible artistic trait and my growing up in a village where everybody give in much of their time to trading and farming, I discovered lately that i am not their kind. I prefer lonely and quite place to trouble my mind and each day I got stronger to use my mind to write the world of letters.

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The Confident Woman: Start Today Living Boldly and Without Fear
Joyce Meyer, Todd Hafer
The Story of My Experiments With Truth - Mahatma Gandhi
""Tobacco, he argued, was the worst of all intoxicants, inasmuch as a man addicted to it was tempted to commit crimes which a drunkard never dared to do; liquor made a man mad, but tobacco clouded his intellect and made him build castles in the air-Ganhi (an autobiography) The story of my experiments with truth."